Tim Minnich and Maddy

Tim is the Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics, LLC. Maddy is my granddaughter. Thanks Brendon and Rachael! Tim was inspired in 2013 with a vision to create a deer hunting camouflage based upon the science of deer vision. WhiteTail Forensics launched the WTFCAMO® collection of clothing in 2021 after many years of pattern development with Brendon.

Brendon & Rachael Minnich

Brendon is the Creative Mind behind the WTFCAMO pattern, logo, and all graphics on our t-shirts and caps. Rachael is a compassionate social worker, specializing in children. Brendon and Rachael were married in 2018 and they have a beautiful daughter (Maddy) born in July, 2021, and added Anne to their family in February, 2023.

WhiteTail Forensics is a family-owned private company, and as avid hunters and outdoorsman we are passionate about the advantage that WTFCAMO will provide in the field.  There are a lot of real nature patterns out there that look really good to the human eye, but only one pattern that was designed exclusively based upon all of the aspects of deer vision -- WTFCAMO.    Welcome to our little hunting camo revolution. 

Many other camo brands license their patterns and do not have control over the clothing quality.   It's why you see inexpensive low quality hats and clothing with their designs in the big retailer stores.  We designed every small detail of our hunting and casual clothing from fabric selection to zipper pulls to the awesome expandable waistband on the hunting pants and the tiny hooves embossed on the lining of the camo jacket and pant.  You will not see our pattern or logo on clothing unless it comes from our site, and you can be assured that we designed every small detail.  We will only sell high quality clothing and accessories.

Thanks for considering WTFCAMO, and best of luck in the field.

Tim & Brendon