Helping Youth & Veterans

On a personal note there are a number of organizations that I support and some of which I am very actively involved in.   Any of them would appreciate your prayers or financial support.   Thanks for checking them out!

Tim Minnich, Principal & Founder

Supporting Our Youth

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One Wish Facebook Page

One Wish Foundation is an organization in Pennsylvania that helps children and their families by granting “One Wish”. That “One Wish” would give a child a chance to escape from their everyday lives of dealing with their life-altering medical or social conditions in order to experience the great outdoors and all that it provides. This “One Wish” can be anything associated with the outdoors – whether it is a hunting, fishing, camping, four-wheeling, rafting, or any other outdoor recreation activity. The One Wish Foundation will organize, participate, and capture each family’s once in a lifetime adventure on video in order to preserve their memory forever and to help share their story with the world with the purpose of helping them and other families through awareness and support.


Supporting Our Veterans

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 River House Facebook Page

I am a board member, volunteer and event cook for our outings with Veterans that struggle with PTSD and trauma related issues.    We believe in the healing power of the nature and outdoor activities for Veterans that face the challenges associated with PTSD.    We typically have about nine events per year taking vets on hikes and other outdoor experiences followed by a meal and campfire, and sometimes hand churned ice cream.   We love and support our veterans!


The Resilient Band

The Resilient Band Facebook Page

The Resilient is an American rock band focused on creating powerful music that reflects both the hardship and inspiration that they have experienced in their military and civilian careers. Formed in the summer of 2018 in a small town in Pennsylvania and composed primarily of severely wounded U.S. combat veterans, the music reflects their name - sincere lyricism, lulling melodies, hypnotizing beats, and weaving harmonies which are explorative yet unforgiving.