WTFCAMO Attire School Permission Form

Why not be proactive and keep a copy of the WTFCAMO attire school permission form with you.   We realize that there are probably a lot of school administrators that will just react to the "WTF" and immediately jump to nefarious conclusions regarding your intentions.   We put together a permission form to present to the administrator to explain your motivations for wearing such awesome clothing.

Download WTFCAMO Attire School Permission Form

If that doesn't work and they still make you turn it inside out or change it, please take a selfie of yourself in front of your school sign wearing your WhiteTail Forensics or WTFCAMO branded clothing and post it with the #WTFCAMOBANNED tag, and you will pop up on Instagram with your fellow students who have had their awesome WTFCAMO apparel banished.

Please do NOT make any obscene gestures because that's just not cool or funny.   Your small act of photographic defiance in your WTFCAMO gear is more than worthy of Instagram notoriety.