How Did We Come Up with WTFCAMO?

While visiting our local Cabela's in Hamburg, PA in 2013 I was standing on the second floor looking down at the large hunting camo display in the middle of the store.  I noticed from about 45 yards that I could not really see the actual camo design on any of the clothing.  It just looked like masses of dark jackets and pants regardless of the camo brand.  They all blended into dark blobs.  It got me wondering that if it looks like that to me, how does a deer see those real-to-life camo patterns at that distance and even closer?    That started a research project that led us to a clear understanding that up until now we have been wearing camo that was designed for our vision, not deer vision

 As it turns out deer do not see colors the same way we do.  When I say deer, I mean whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, moose and other deer species.  They all have a form of red-green color blindness.   Also, they do not perceive detail the same way.  It is estimated that whitetail for example have between 20/40 and 20/100 vision when it comes to detail.  Those same eyes that give them amazing peripheral and night vision also limit their perception of detail.  In other words, all of that lovely detail in those true to nature camo patterns blend together with deer vision and actually lowers the effectiveness of the camo.   

My son and I set out on a venture to design a camo pattern that would truly break up a hunter’s silhouette based upon how a deer sees the world, not how we see it.   After a LOT of trial-and-error testing camo designs in multiple field settings emulating the way a deer would see it, the result is WTFCAMO® from WhiteTail Forensics.   We are proud of what we have developed.   The company name comes from our scientific approach to the design process, not to mention it's kind of catchy and certainly easy to remember our brand.

What is great about WTFCAMO is that you do not have to worry about having different patterns for your stand location, terrain, or the time of season.

Those real to life camo commercials always show a perfect match between terrain and the camo clothing, often with the hunter embedded in brush and limbs.   I mean seriously when was the last time you chose a ground or tree stand location based upon how well it matched your camo pattern?   With WTFCAMO, it breaks up your form in most all terrains.   

Look at the photos and videos on our website and see for yourself.   I have been archery hunting for over 40 years, and I am so proud of this pattern and what it does for the deer hunter.

Tim Minnich, Principal & Founder
WhiteTail Forensics, LLC