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Only clothing that comes in sizes may be returned.  Hats, Decals, Neck Gaiters, gifts, and promotional items are not returnable unless they were defective or damaged in shipping. Go to the "Product Returns" link in the footer of any page.

Only clothing that comes in sizes may be returned.  Hats, Decals, Neck Gaiters, gifts, and promotional items are not returnable unless they were defective or damaged in shipping.


Yeah, we did too. We date back to wearing the original Treebark pattern and had worn real-to-nature patterns our entire hunting careers. What we learned about the science of deer vision is what inspired us to start WhiteTail Forensics, LLC and create WTFCAMO. Basically, it is the first camo ever developed based upon all of the aspects of deer vision. Instead of trying to match our surroundings (no two stand locations are really alike), we focused on creating visual confusion and disrupting the human silhouette. Instead of leaves and branches, we learned through years of trial and error that geometric shapes, larger patterns, and more contrast in a three color pattern performed at a much higher level

With real-to-nature camouflage, have you ever noticed that every promotional photo shows the hunter perfectly matched between their camo and the tree and branches they are in? Seriously, who picks their tree stand based upon how well their camo matches the tree and leaves? What happens when the leaves fall? Also notice that all of the other camo companies show photos of hunters in tree stands either at the same level or looking down. What about the contrast and disruption of nature from the sky? We designed a three color geometric pattern with higher levels of contrast that is perfect for tree stand hunting against a sky, or ground hunting in the woods or bush. The design takes into account deer species being red-green color blind and the fact that they see our world very differently that we do. Unless you happen to be colorblind.

Deer species are red-green color blind and have vision estimated between 20/40 to 20/100. I have stared down deer from less than 10 yards away in a box stand and they could not see me blink. Their visual acuity is not 20/20. It would be easy to believe that they have better vision than we do, and in some ways they have an advantage with a 310 degree field of vision and excellent night vision. Also they are master motion detectors, but they cannot see fine detail. So all of those leaf veins and small branch detail in the real-to-nature camo patterns actually blend together into a darker blob. WTFCAMO was designed with larger scale and more contrasting pattern to provide maximum visual disruption.

Yes! Although we designed WTFCAMO based upon all aspects of deer vision, the basic premise of visual disruption of the hunter silhouette will work for other game animals as well. Basically, we will be wearing it for all game animals to disrupt the human form. Predator hunters will be interested to know that Coyotes are also red-green color blind.

Military and First Responders Program

WhiteTail Forensics is pleased to have partnered with GovX ID to validate that an individual is a first responder (Fire, Police, Healthcare Workers), or an active duty / retired military and their spouses and dependents. WhiteTail Forensics offers a 15% discount for the three clothing collections. The Gifts collection is excluded from the discount program.

Do NOT click on the "Check Out" button first. Instead, click on the Shopping Cart at the top right of the menu page. The GovX ID submission for the discount is under the Check Out button on the Cart page.

Licensing WTFCAMO

Please contact us at for any requests. WhiteTail Forensics, LLC only licenses the WTFCAMO® pattern for products other than clothing apparel.