Science Behind WTFCAMO

WTFCAMO®, our revolutionary hunting camouflage, is a game-changer. Let's delve into the science behind it: 

  1. Color Perception: Deer perceive colors differently from humans. For deer species, those intricate shades of green in traditional camo appear as a shade of yellow. Reds also look yellow, and blaze orange appears gray. Browns, despite their variety, are less distinct to deer. 
  2. Vision Acuity: Scientists estimate that deer have vision ranging from 20/40 to 20/100. They can't discern fine details. Instead, their eyes provide nearly a 310-degree field of vision, crucial for spotting predator movement. Night vision and overall field of view trump fine detail perception. 
  3. Blending Effect: All those leaf and branch details in regular camo? They just merge into a blur for deer, making your silhouette more visible. Camouflage clothing with similar colors—browns, greens, blacks, and greys—creates a deer-sized blob. 
  4. Distance Matters: The farther a deer is from you, the more your nature-inspired camo blends together. Unfortunately, this often means you're more visible. 

Enter WTFCAMO®—designed to disrupt these camo realities and give you the edge in the field. 🌿🦌 

“Deer Vision vs. Human Vision: The Blue Jean Dilemma”

The images below reveal the stark contrast between human and deer vision. And here’s a tip: No matter what your grandpa insisted, avoid blue jeans and blue fletching while hunting. To deer, blue stands out like a beacon. 🌿🦌