Creating WTFCAMO

Our testing process for WTFCAMO® involved rigorous experimentation and field trials. Here’s how we approached it:

  1. Scientific Foundation: We delved into deer vision research, understanding how these animals perceive colors and details. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create a camo pattern that aligned with their visual capabilities.

  2. Design Iterations: We crafted various camo designs, each emphasizing different aspects—color, contrast, and silhouette disruption. These iterations were based on our understanding of deer vision and the need to break up a hunter’s outline effectively.

  3. Field Settings: We tested the camo patterns in real-world scenarios, mimicking how deer encounter hunters. Forests, open fields, and varying lighting conditions were part of our testing grounds.

  4. Observations: We closely observed how the camo performed. Did it blend too much? Was the silhouette still visible? Did it disrupt the hunter’s form effectively?

  5. Feedback and Refinement: We gathered feedback from experienced hunters, wildlife experts, and even conducted blind tests. Based on their insights, we refined the design further.

  6. WTFCAMO® Emerges: After countless iterations over five years, we birthed WTFCAMO®—a pattern that truly considers deer vision. It breaks up silhouettes, blends naturally, and enhances a hunter’s chances in the field.

Remember, our brand name reflects our scientific approach, and we’re proud to offer a camo that aligns with the way deer see the world. 🌿🦌