WTFCAMO® Pro Staff

We are pleased to welcome Keith Rutt and Andy Black from Raising Arrows Outdoors as our first pro staffers.   Keith and his cameraman Andy Black are working class guys who take their jobs and whitetail hunting very seriously. Ok, maybe they take hunting a bit more seriously. They demonstrate how you don’t have to be a TV celebrity hunter to get the most out of a hunting season. These guys balance work, family, and their passion for hunting. Please follow them on their Facebook Page and enjoy their self filmed preparations, hunting adventures, and their focus on family and faith.  You will also follow Keith’s young son aptly named Hunter as he joins dad for many hunts.   Andy's son Christian will be hunting for the first time in 2021 and his son David will be right behind him in the coming years.   

If you are like Keith, Andy, and the WhiteTail Forensics team you balance work with hunting which is not always easy. Watch how these guys live for and love the thrill of the chase!   

Raising Arrows Outdoors WTFCAMO Pro Staff

Pictured (L to R):  Andy Black, Hunter Rutt, Keith Rutt