Anchor Point Productions

Anchor Point Productions
WhiteTail Forensics is excited to announce that Anchor Point Productions is our WTFCAMO Massachusetts/Rhode Island Field Representatives! Anchor Point Productions is a Hunting YouTube channel based out of the North-East, specifically Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Tim Minnich, Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics noted that, “The team was founded by Nathan August and Tyler Forbes who sought to share a cinematic technique of the trials and tribulations of being an outdoorsman/outdoorswoman on the East Coast.”
Tim also shared, “I greatly underestimated the hunting opportunities in those states. I honestly had no idea of the quality buck they hunt up there! Once Tyler shared some trail cam pics and harvest pics I was more than impressed at the size of the buck.”
Tyler noted that, “Both Nathan and I have different styles and personalities, however, we share a gratefulness for family, the outdoors and capturing memories on film. Nathan and I have recognized these passions as the “anchor point” to our identity, thus creating the name Anchor Point Productions.”
Nathan shared that, “I am a small business owner of a landscaping company in Rhode Island. I have an expertise in tracking/stalking, habitat management, photography, videography and editing. I take pride in an old school approach while putting my boots on the ground with a traditional bow in hand.” Nathan continued, “I have a strong love for my family that includes my son Aaron, wife Tiffany and our dog Riley. When I am not with my family or working, you can find me scouting in the early morning always with my camera in hand. My son and I share our time together through our passion and talent for photography.” Nathan is the primary editor for Anchor Point Productions, whose keen eye for attention to detail put his abilities above the rest.
Nathan is excited for the 2022 season and is also excited to be a partner of White Tail Forensics (WTF)! Tim shared, “The excitement of the partnership is mutual. These guys have passion for their pursuit of deer hunting and also are family oriented.”
Tyler noted his background, “I am a police officer in the state of Massachusetts. I was first introduced to bow-hunting in 2019 by my father, and I have quickly fast tracked myself into a passionate outdoorsman. At the age of 28, I met my father for the first time. Our bond was instant and its clear the wilderness runs through our veins.” Tim noted that, “Tyler has only been bowhunting a couple of years and it is sometimes hard to develop a passion and love for hunting when you do not have those experiences early in life. Tyler can help serve as an example for many others that you can start hunting at any age and develop love and respect for the sport.”
Tyler continued, “My family is everything. Their love, support and understanding for my passion motivates me to be a better version of myself daily. Every chance I get, you can find me on an adventure with my wife Rhiana, son Beckett and daughter Rosalina, and our dog Mace.” Tyler puts in the work and doesn’t expect success to come easy. As a police officer he is certainly faced with daily challenges, and hunting offers a completely different set of challenges to work towards success. Tyler mentioned, “I consider myself a grinder. I scout daily, constantly analyze topography maps and knock on doors with my outgoing personality seeking permission to hunt. I am eager to wear this WTFCAMO Gear 30 feet up!”
Tim summarized, “I know that this sounds like the direct quote from Red on the Shawshank Redemption, but I think it’s fair to say I liked Tyler and Nathan right from the start. All you have to do is look at their personal Facebook posts to see how important family is to them. Tyler’s young son just found an antler shed and Tyler was incredibly proud. I told him to wait for that emotional rush when he gets his first deer!”
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