Called to Hunt

Called to Hunt
WhiteTail Forensics is thrilled to announced that Called To Hunt has joined the team as our WTFCAMO Field Representatives for West Virginia and Virginia. Tim Minnich, Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics, maker of WTFCAMO shared that “My first conversation with Steve was on a drive back home from the NRA Great American Outdoor Show where we were exhibiting for the first time. I was getting to an area where I would lose cell signal for a short stretch close to home, so I pulled over to hear the rest of the story of how Called to Hunt was formed. Their story of how they got to where they are is a bit different from our other Field Representatives, and I was all in and did not want to miss any details!”
Steve Swartz shared, “I was talking to RC (Unger) one day in 2007 and mentioned to him we should start our own hunting team and film our hunts. RC said, 'Yes! let's do it.' We formed Swartz and Unger Outdoor Adventures, and very quickly we gained a few sponsors. We were also fortunate to get a spot on a local cable station. As we filmed our hunts and fishing trips, we started growing. RC and I brought on a few other staff members and upgraded our camera equipment. After a few years we gained some local popularity, and then it all went on pause.” RC clarified, “Our sponsors wanted us to go away from using our personal names for the team. We had a meeting and decided to go with Blindside Outdoors. While a website was being built and before our name was legally made it was taken over.”
Steve continued, “We had spent from 2007 to 2010 as Swartz and Unger Outdoor Adventures and then as Blindside Outdoors from 2010 to 2012. Suddenly we lost our identity and were thrown into a state of confusion and disappointment and we just put a hold on any filming.” RC echoed the disappointment, “The TV shows were at a standstill, and we joined a team called Shenandoah Valley Outdoors. We were with them for one year, but it still did not feel quite right.”
This is where their story takes a turn. Steve shared, “I was in bed talking to my wife Amanda about starting the team back up. I mentioned that I just wish I knew what to call the team and stated to Amanda that I just might give it up. I told her that everyone is called to do something. She said, ‘that's it!’ Steve said, ‘what’s it?’ Amanda said ‘Hunting. Y’all are called to hunt.’ It truly was the perfect name, Called to Hunt. With the formation of Called to Hunt we have been growing and we now work with 26 sponsors.” RC added, “We have an audience that has been topping over 9.6 million tuned in viewers. We're excited to be backed by awesome sponsor's and people.” Both Steve and RC noted, “We give all glory to God. Without him we are nothing. We give credit where credit is due. After many trials and tribulations, C2H presses on seeking adventures to hunt any animal that can be hunted and going to many states and even outside of the USA.” RC added, “We have many testimonials of hunting accidents but yet Steve is still alive. Our goals are to be ranked at the top of content provided, and our decisions are made that this is where we want to be and this is what we want to be doing.”
Steve proudly added, “We have some of the best staff with C2H and appreciate every one of them. In addition to myself and RC, we have Steven Swartz Jr., Matt Hott, and Bucky Timbrook. We are thankful to be teaming up with Tim Minnich and WhiteTail Forensics and are excited about WTFCAMO. We appreciate all our supporters. We are doing all we can to just keep going up from here. God bless you all.”
Tim summarized, “I am continuously amazed at the backstories of how our Field Representatives formed their teams. In every case it started with a couple of friends, then in some cases more friends with a shared passion joins their teams. Called to Hunt is another great example of a group that wants to share their journey with others and live out their dream of self-filming hunts to share with others. We are so proud to have them as Field Representatives and look forward to seeing them have success with WTFCAMO. What has been so valuable to WhiteTail Forensics is making friends through this process and having an opportunity to be part of their journey on their Facebook pages and YouTube channels.”
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