Huska Outdoors

Huska Outdoors
WhiteTail Forensics is pleased to announce Huska Outdoors has joined the team as our WTFCAMO Georgia Field Representatives! Michael first reached out because he was intrigued by the WTFCAMO pattern and our focus on eliminating the "dark blob" effect with many other patterns.
Michael shared that "Huska Outdoors began 3 years ago as a way to share my outdoor adventures with my family and friends. It was never intended to be a moneymaking endeavor. The channel has stayed true to that, growing steadily to 350 loyal subscribers. There is a strong emphasis on deer hunting and product reviews.
Through the videos I (crudely) edit and upload there, I have sparked an interest in the heart of my wife, Arrie Huska, who hunted as a child but never had experience with bow hunting. She has her sights set on killing her first deer with a bow. My good friends: Travis and Cory, have hunted most of their lives and we have been like brothers for over a decade now."
Huska Outdoors has grown beyond just family and close friends. Michael noted, "Jimmy and I were introduced by Travis. Jimmy is new to bowhunting but not new to shooting a bow, he coaches a group of kids that shoot in archery competitions all over the country and has been shooting a bow competitively for several decades, himself." Tim Minnich, Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics commented, "It is amazing how hunting can forge new bonds within family as well as new friendships. One of the differences between hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities is that these bonds tend to last a lifetime."
Michael continued, "We are all bow hunters, some with compounds, some with traditional bows but we are all very passionate about what we do, we hope that comes through in the stories we tell. We put an emphasis on sharing what we know with the next generation and helping to preserve this heritage. We have just invested in training and equipment to help elevate our content to the next level, stay tuned!"
Tim summarized, "When we look at groups to partner with, we are looking at grass root groups of family and friends that self-film and share their love for hunting. It does not matter whether they have 50 or 5000 subscribers, what we look for is passion to share their hunting stories, video, and tradition, and a desire to help the next generation gain an appreciation for the outdoors. Huska Outdoors embodies that shared goal and we are proud to have them as our Georgia Field Representatives!"
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