Northstar Hunting

Northstar Hunting
WhiteTail Forensics is excited to share that Northstar Hunting has joined the team as our WTFCAMO Minnesota Field Representatives! Northstar Hunting founder Jacob Klatt connected with WhiteTail Forensics before our product launch. At the time, Jacob shared "Years back I used to film my own hunts using a Tactacam and cell phone. I did it just for fun or more as a hobby. I made an investment in camera gear and gained some editing experience so I decided to form Northstar Hunting in 2019."
Jacob continued, "Northstar Hunting was founded with the idea of creating a web show to share stories of our outdoor adventures. What started as a hobby grew into a passion. As the years progressed I met more people with like minds and interests creating life long friends. Northstar Hunting was created to be able to share their outdoor experiences with everyone else."
Tim Minnich, Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics, LLC commented, "This is how many of our partners started, some with cell phones or simple cameras, and it fueled a passion to share those experiences with others. It takes a lot of time, investment, and risk to the success of the hunt to self-film and we appreciate that passion."
Jacob continued, "It is our goal to help educate people through our downfalls and successes so they can learn to become better sportsman. There is so much knowledge to be gained in the outdoors and with technology today it becomes easier to pass that along. Education is at our fingertips, but it also takes someone to put it there. It’s not always an easy task and takes lots of patience, but we are committed to doing our best. We hope our viewers enjoy our exciting adventures and we can all take something away from it."
Tim summarized that, "Jacob and his team are in lock step with our other partners. They want to share experiences, help others learn from successes and failures, and fuel that passion for hunting to others and the generation that is coming up behind us."
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