Tag'n and Drag'n Outdoors

Tag'n and Drag'n Outdoors
We are happy to introduce Tag’n & Drag’n Outdoors as our WTFCAMO Michigan Field Representatives. You all have already seen some pics they have been taking to see how effective WTFCAMO is in open woodland and snow. David Ritter shared that, "TAG'N & DRAG'N OUTDOORS started when two long time friends (David and Anthony) decided to team up and show everyone what a couple small town country boys can do in the outdoors. We have known each other our whole lives. We went to the same school and played football from rocket till graduation, so you could say once brothers on the field now brothers in the field."
When groups start out with those types of relationships, they are bound to do good things together. Anthony Atwater stated, "Our long term goal is to establish some property and set it up completely using products we test and use ourselves through our partners and sponsors, eventually being able to take others out that may not have the ability or the knowledge helping them make wonderful memories in the outdoors." Tim Minnich, Principal and Founder of WhiteTail Forensics noted, "When we had our first conversation I asked David and the team what their long term goals were. They stated they want to be able to inspire more people to get involved in archery hunting, with a focus on growth for women and youth as well."
They use their platform to share their self-filmed and photographed experiences. David noted, "We have grown and gained a few loyal team members with the same goals and passions. We are very excited for the future. We do our research before deciding on companies to use and represent us as well as I know the companies look into us as well. If it doesn't work, we won't support it. We also decide everything as a team, not individually nor just the founders/owners, we discuss it as a team and that's what we also look for in our partners." Tim noted that they were one of the first groups to come on board as Field Representatives. WhiteTail Forensics is proud to forge a relationship with Tag'n and Drag'n Outdoors. Tim noted that, "Friendships are already being formed, which is such a rewarding part of working with these guys. You begin to realize how much we all have in common even though we live and hunt in different states, we share the same passion for the outdoors, and we all hope to grow that passion in others."
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