WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO compression sleeve at wrist
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics
WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket - WhiteTail Forensics

WTFCAMO® Hunting Jacket

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When you are trying to get deer into shooting range, the WTFCAMO design provides the highest level of silhouette breakup regardless of terrain.   Take a look at the last photo on this page to see how WTFCAMO looks in Deer Vision.   As it turns out, deer are red-green colorblind and have anywhere from 20/40 to 20/100 vision.   With WTFCAMO we have redefined how we think about camouflage by focusing on how deer actually see.   PLEASE REFER TO THE SIZE CHART ABOVE THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON.

Where do we even begin on this feature rich and incredibly comfortable jacket.  Here we go:

  • First of all the material is incredibly quiet on the exterior and has a soft fleece lining.
  • The jacket has a DWR treatment, a standard in the industry to provide water resistance.
  • Two main front pockets are side zipped allowing for easy access while standing or sitting on the stand.  They are incredibly spacious and have enough room for your gear as well as tucking your hands in there on a cool morning.   
  • Left chest pocket is perfectly positioned to store your phone or other gear that won't interfere with your shot.   
  • Upper back middle of the jacket has a safety strap access slot that is protected by a flap.  This keeps the safety strap off your neck to increase comfort, enabling you to wear the safety vest under the WTFCAMO jacket to enhance concealment.
  • Jacket wrists are made of the same material that is used for our long sleeve WTFCAMO performance  t-shirt, which is a 95% poly, 5% spandex blend to firm up the sleeve around your wrist for easier shooting preventing the cuff from interrupting your shot or getting in the way of your release aid.   
  • The bottom back of the jacket has a 4" drop from the front to keep your waistline comfortable and covered when you are sitting on stand.
  • There is a little bit of side to side stretch in the jacket so when you pivot for the shot you get the right amount of movement you need.
  • The removeable zip off hood has a built in face mask that enables the hood to move with you as you turn your head so that the hood doesn't block your vision.
  • Soft neck tab covers the top of the zipper so it is not against your neck.
  • The jacket weight may be used all season depending upon region.   It is most comfortable with layering above 32 degrees.

What we love about this jacket:   I started archery hunting in 1977 and when I started designing this WTFCAMO jacket it was our highest priority to get everything that is critical to the hunt into this jacket.  From comfort to convenience to silence, we feel like we nailed it.  

Only clothing that is sized is returnable and must have the original tags still attached to the clothing and show no signs of wear.

Trucker style hats may be shipped in a box separate from the rest of the order at our expense depending upon the full order contents. If you love hats the way we love hats, you know why we are making sure they arrive in perfect condition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Brian Armstrong
Looking forward to trying this in the woods

WTF products are always well made. Can tell they are designed by hunters. I bought the combo pack and everything is great. The jacket fits "ok" right now. I'm debating about getting one size bigger to have more layering options when winter bow hunting. Just me I think. But the product is great.

Russell Reed
Very comfortable great price

Can’t wait for archery season to open and really test it out. My wife was impressed with the deal I got, that’s not a joke, the sales rep at the ETAR was awesome!!!

Mike A.
Great Bang for Your Buck

I love the pattern and the fitting of the cuffs, and especially like the customer service.